Friday, November 25, 2011

Bohemian TribaLove Collective at BrightSpot Market 2011 part1

well, this is a little bit process of their booth. Huufftt they felt nervous, tired, sticky, sweat but happy actually and so do i :))

Goodluck guys :*

Bohemian TribaLove Collective at BrightSpot Market 2011 part2

Voilaaaaa...the booth is ready, yippie yeay yeaaaay!
Shamanistic, MojoPiece and Pasar Vintage collaborate become Bohemian TribaLove Collective at BrightSpot Market at Plaza Senayan 24-27 November 2011.

The product is awesome!!! limited and custom collection. Their booth is so hippies and eye catchy actually between all the kind pastel booths.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


yup, that's my online shop name. Goshopwithme.
For some reason i want it active again, have been 2 years i left it .

Ugh i love fashion, mostly vintage things. i love shop, love hunting cute things, not just for me, and sometimes text about satisfaction from buyer, that's incredible feeling. One thing for sure, i miss the whole process..
o iya one thing, last but not least, Tatiana my friends from Pasar Vintage, inspired me so much. Thank you darling :*

well, you can find goshop at : and

let's goshop girls! see you there ^^

xoxo :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

bts Tatiana PV Anouk

hola holaaa..we had a great another photoshoot yippiee yeaay yeaaaay!

the collaborate today was a complete Pasar Vintage owner, Tatiana and Anouk, Angeline and Merry as make up artist. So it's related with the tittle. Here it is some of behind the scene..

thank you ncex and jalil for join and help us..

thank you so much guys, see you soon for next collaborate hihihii :*

oiya some of the result, you can see at dije's facebook :)

while blog-ing, i heard takbiran. so can't wait tomorrow is Hari Raya Idul Adha, selamat takbiran guys :)

xoxo :)