Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a little piece of Makassar

mmmhhmm..Makassar was impressed me, because this is the first city i visited by plane! hihihiii embarassed me :p . It's a beautiful city, big city actually..because bigmall or supermarket its easy to find and you can hang out at cafe until late of midnight.

not much place i visited becouse it was my worktrip :D,

beside culinary, this is another thing was amazed me too..

sunset at Losari Beach..
actually not exactly at in front of Losari Beach,
it was taken in front of studio Trans Makassar

was taken 16.49 WITA

was taken 16.50 WITA

tadaaa..! was taken 16.57 WITA

its beautiful, i thought i was late to see , but nope...i made it!
i will come again someday to see another beauty..


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