Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Eliza Sweetzy Ayu

dear Icha,

Today, flashback about a little bit of you come to my head. It reminds me when we were kid, you used to be my monopoli game mate when Ramadhan comes. It all over and over and over every year. And about the kidnapping and secretary looked a like game we used to played. Remember? you teached me how to looked a like a secretary, with a body fit skirt, tank top and blazer, and of course it's not ours hihihihi..

Once a time, we had a little conversation about your bad habit to be "not a morning person", we laughed at that time, cause we thought that is a hereditary habit :D. Mmhhmm i haven't told you that the day i want to learn make my own spaghetti, it's because you told me it's so easy to make it. *cause a lazy person told me *that is you, say it's easy. So i think it must be really easy hehehe.. and yes you prove it, you cooked it. And i cooked too..*of course with my mom helps too :D

i just wanna remember our childhood, because so many problem happen to our family, huh? hehehehee. remember you used to said "are we still have a grandma? i don't think so mba itie..". Ugh to complicated to tell yaa..*stop here :D

This morning, i saw you have a complete family, you have one little handsomeboy and you just had one little cute baby girl. So where ever you are, you should be happy..

Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajiun

But now, Allah loves you more, Allah take you and let you to see your family from out there..

Dear Icha, Sorry not meet for a long time, sorry not to visited when you having a new baby girl, sorry for the relationship that almost severed. You will always be our dearest and prettiest Eliza, my lovely lazy cousin. Selamat jalan ya Cha, semoga icha dapat tempat terbaik di sisi Allah SWT, amiiin..

Wish your handsome boy, Saves and your cute little girl, Julaikha will be smart, sholeh and love you always.

xoxo :'(

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