Friday, October 14, 2011

Something I Liked this week

A couple days ago we're doing one of another awesome photoshoot. Nothing much i can say, there's always a little cute thing that i always like when doing photoshoot, maybe about the place, the accesoriess, the clothes, etc etc. and for sure, having new friends is one of sweet things too, isn't? Love all the process..

here's some those little cute thing..

who doesn't like a fresh healthy fruit, huh? and the color is cute ;)

this coconut candle is cute, very it ;)

i don't really like cat, but who can't stand not to laugh when see this cat was slept like death ;)

look at the face on the tree, creative, superb funny! ;) and the little roses? mmhhhmm..sweet ;)

i just love this 2 stuff, baby shoes n some old fashion basket looklike *i dont know whats the name :D

last but not least, yes we do have new friends...

you are cute team guys, thank you My super duper lovelyman Dije, Tatiana from Pasar Vintage, thank you Angeline for the Make Up, thank you Brandi for being lovely Model and our dearest friend Iwank *who take this pic :p

you can see some of the result of photoshoot at Dije's Facebook,
it's not finished yet, i will upload some later..

Nice to met you guys, God bless internet. Hope we can collaborate again next time..

xoxo :)

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